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Funky Monkey Movers

A UK based team, have launched the Funky Monkey Movers programme to assist parents, teachers and children to be more active and to learn through song, movement and even dance. For more information on Funk Monkey Movers visit the website at:
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Business Insurance

Many of customers ask us about business insurance. If you are considering renewing your business or landlords insurance, try Simply Business. This is who Glenovation use and we have been with them, for a very long time. For more information checkout: Simply Business
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Email Service Upgrades – OUTGOING MAIL

The Glenovation team are continuously improving services and we are in the processess of enhancing some of our basic email service provision. The following information applies to customers who are NOT using Google Infrastructure services or Glenomail services. If you receive errors when trying to sending email please esure your settings are correct, in particular…
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UK hosted business email

Glenovation have launched a new business email service in response to customers who wanted an IMAP email service that was hosted in the UK.
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